Host Family Application

To qualify, you have to be a caring, sharing type person. We stress the home part of homestay. They should be able to think of you like being family and a home. Therefore we do not care much for a "our space", "their space", situation. Homestay Calgary is basically an extension of our own home. Home-stayers pay the full homestay fee directly to you (see Our Services: Fees).

Our requirements are:

  1. Maximum 45 minutes from downtown, where the ESL schools are, by public transit (or same max. re: U of C, Mount Royal University,SAIT) or their work location.
  2. English only be spoken in the home-both by the students and family.
  3. Providing sufficient and proper food. Three meals a day according to their appetite.
  4. Spending time with your students and helping them navigate through a culture that is very different than their own.
  5. Including them in all your family activities, if they so desire.
  6. Taking an interest in them as individuals, and their culture as well.
  7. Being approachable if they have concerns or minor complaints.
  8. Being kind, friendly and helpful.

If you feel you qualify and are interested in offering your services, please complete the host family application form.

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Application Form

Homestay Profile

Family Name
Do you have kids in the house?
No kids Under 10 years old Under 20 years old
Is smoking allowed?
No Yes Outside only
Do you prefer?
Male Female Either
Would you be able to accept
Students Workers Vacationers Couples
Have you hosted before?
Yes No
If yes, with who?
Why do you want to host an international student?
Would this include airport pick-up?
Yes No
Would this include three meals a day (i.e. packed lunch)?
Do you have 3+ hours a week to spend conversing with your student?

Additional Information

Please list all members of household including yourself. (Name/ Relationship/ Age).
Describe your home and accommodation available for the students.
Desribe in detail how to get to downtown from your home by Public Transit.
Describe some activities you will participate in with your students.
Please give two personal references (Name/ Relationship/ Phone).
Would you like to send a message to prospective students?
Comments and additional information.