Our Homestays

All home-stayers get their own private room. This will have at least a bed, dresser, closet, desk or table and sufficient lighting for study. All homestays provide three meals a day but students should realize that in Canada, breakfast is often a "help yourself" meal, and lunch may be packed either by the family, or by the student himself, with food and instructions provided by the family. What's most important to us? That a family atmosphere is provided, there is proper, nutritious food for meals, and a maximum distance of 45 minutes to your destination of interest, e.g. school. All of our families are required to be warm, friendly, and helpful and to have some time to spend with you.

When you Arrive

We will pick you up at the airport, Greyhound bus depot, or place of your choice and take you to your homestay. When you arrive at your homestay we will give you an information package about Calgary attractions, and maps and bus and/or train schedules from your home to your destination of interest.

If our/your schedule permits, we will take you to your school or destination of interest as soon as possible, usually the day after you arrive.

We will help home-stayers obtain a Social Insurance Number (SIN), if they have a work permit, open a bank account and obtain Alberta Health Care, if necessary.


Registration Fee

$100 includes Airport pick up

This is a one time, lifetime fee. Non refundable

Homestay Fee

$240 per week
$950 per 4 weeks

You get a single room and 3 meals per day. Fee for extra days is $34 per day.

*All fees are in Canadian dollar. No fees need to be paid until an applicant arrives.

Who Can Apply

All international visitors to Canada: students, workers, vacationers, and immigrants starting their life in Canada.

We do not accept minors under 18 years old long term. For example: high school students.